We are a private institution established in 1993 conducting empirical studies for public and private clients. The institute was founded by its two shareholders Hermann Atz and Helmuth Pörnbacher, who are surrounded today by mostly long standing employees.

Fields of activity

There are three fields of activity: In the field of social research the main focus of our work is on education and profession, in the field of market research on customer and employee satisfaction, organisational development and brand and media research. Further core issues are mobility behaviour and active ageing.

Methods of data collection

Empirical social and market research claims to make appropriate statements on the group of people defined as target persons. For us the age-old dispute over method between quantitative and qualitative research doesn't matter no longer. Both approaches have their own advantages and disadvantages. As a practical research institute we use one of them or both depending on the particular research aim.

To conduct representative studies there are personal (CAPI) and telephonic (CATI) interviews available as well as online panels (CAWI). The test stand is a mix-mode design, appropriate for research questions without demand for representativeness that benefit from a higher number of cases.

Speaking of the qualitative field we provide the proven method of focus groups. To conduct individual interviews we use two approaches standardized by us depending on the particular research aim.

We can prepare existing data on your business, from our archive, from official statistics or the internet and link them in a smart way to answer the existing research questions. This can be summed up under the header data mining and big data.

Special products

Specific expertise in a certain field and particular adapted methods lead to products which deserved a special name.

A computer-based representative study with high data quality combined with carefully coordinated survey instruments leads to our adjusted KONTIV research design for mobility analysis.

Our Copytest consists of a combination of the test stand with a validated questionnaire. To increase the significance of the results clearly we use comparative data.

The main characteristics of our studies on customer satisfaction is their theory-based approach which can be adapted to the particular client and combined with accurate data collecting.

A test stand to measure organoleptic effects has to be adjusted respective data collection and methodology.

You want to outsource only parts of your study or do you need counselling? We have the know how at our disposal.

Another special product is mystery shoping which uses test costumers to collect data.