Institute of Social Research and Opinion Polling
is a private institution established in 1993, specialising in applied social research with an exclusive focus on mission-oriented projects. The institute located at Bolzano in South Tyrol (Italy) is mainly operating on a regional scale, dealing with a broad range of multifaceted topics. During the last years it has also got involved in some international and national projects (Interreg III, 6th Framework Programme).
The regional character of our institute and the wide-ranging areas of investigation often require an interdisciplinary approach combining different methods to purposeful and valuable research concepts. For the acquisition of data we employ basically the whole lineup of empirical techniques, although the quantitative methods such as standardised telephone interviews, which are carried out from our own CATI laboratory, are the most common.
When it comes to the evaluation and interpretation of the collected data, we can count on the methodological and content-based expertise of our internal and external collaborators. However, the transformation of the acquired knowledge into practical know-how is even more important. Therefore we pay particular attention to the dissemination and implementation of the results by turning significant findings into useful solutions - together with our customers.
View from our office to Bolzano's cathedral