We are ...

… a private institution established in 1993 conducting empirical studies for public and private clients. The institute was founded by its two shareholders Hermann Atz and Helmuth Pörnbacher, who are surrounded today by mostly long standing employees.

There are three fields of activity: In the field of social research the main focus of our work is on education and profession, in the field of market research on customer and employee satisfaction, organisational development and brand and media research. Further core issues are mobility behaviour and active ageing. Furthermore we conduct public opinion polls with our own fiel department.

Our well-balanced team ...

… consists of researchers of various scientific fields. Hence our team is characterized by versatile competences and an interdisciplinary approach. We guarantee objectivity, scientific accuracy and a practical cooperation with our clients and partners.

Our topics ...

… are very diversified. We use quantitative and qualitative methods of empirical social and market research as well as survey and measuring approaches in epidemiology and mobility research.

Data collection and polls ...

… are conducted by ourselves. We have a intern call centre to conduct representative telephone surveys, well-trained interviewers for face-to-face-interviews and premises for workshops and focus groups. Our work is aligned to the quality guidelines of the European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR).

What do we do?

Survey and measure

Analyse and evaluate

Counsel and implement

We collect data according to scientific standards – for own research projects and third party
We analyse data using appropriate methods – from simple result presentation to complex evaluations
We take care that the analyses provide utility for our clients.