Politics and administration

We evaluate political programs and policy actions, measure the image of organisations and political parties and conduct public opinion polls.
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Family and old age

We analyse demographic change, social inequity and the prospects for active and self-determined ageing in South Tyrol.

Education and profession

We examine the demand for occupational profiles and job trainings, analyse the job satisfaction of professionals and conduct studies on schooling provision and equal opportunities.
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Health and environment

Besides epidemiological studies we conduct surveys on pertinent issues and with specific target groups (e.g. physicians or patients).

Mobility and traffic

We use methods of empirical social research in the mobility sector measuring mobility behaviour, counting or interviewing passengers or analysing traffic flows.

Markets and consumers

Through quantitative and qualitative market research we provide support for the successful positioning of brands and the definition of promising target groups.
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Organoleptic testing

We gain significant feedback of consumers to support product development and product adaption in the food sector.

Media and communication

We evaluate advertising campaigns (ex ante and afterwards), measure the reach of communication channels and analyse product usability.

Leisure and tourism

We conduct tourist opinion polls, study visitor flows and analyse the cooperation of tour operators and hospitality businesses.