Fields of activity

Our main fields of activity centre around applied social research with an exclusive focus on mission-oriented projects. We are mainly operating on a regional scale, dealing with a broad range of multifaceted topics. In some areas we repeatedly dealt with we were able to acquire a special expertise, like for example in the analysis of urban mobility behaviour, the evaluation of education and training programmes, or the ascertainment of the identity and strength of brands. During the last years we have also got involved in some international and national projects (Interreg III, 6th Framework Programme).

Politics and administration

- public opinion research and election forecasts
- policy analysis
- image of organisations and political party research
- gender-budgeting

Family and old age

- analysis of social structures, income and poverty rating
- welfare services and child care
- demographic change, ageing society, senior housing

Education and profession

- demand for education and job training
- schooling interruption
- new job outlines and key qualifications
- workload and satisfaction of staff

Health and environment

- epidemiological studies
- health behaviour and prevention
- acceptance of large-scale projects

Mobility and traffic

- traffic statistics and mobility behaviour
- opinion polls among passengers
- bicycle friendliness

Markets and consumers

- market research B2B and B2C
- motives and attitudes of consumers
- determination of target groups and positioning
- strength and identity of brands
- customer satisfaction CRM

Media and communication

- media penetration, analysis of user structures, copytests
- online research, usability
- research on advertising effects
- name-finding

Leisure and tourism

- leisure time mobility
- use and acceptance of nature reserves
- tourist opinion polls

Society and culture

- lifestyle and trends
- evaluation of cultural activities
- ethnicity and multilingualism